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Thank you for visiting our online shop, home to one of the most popular t-shirt designs on the planet - 'It's A Surname Thing - You Wouldn't Understand' - which is the slogan that puts your family's name in the spotlight.. quite literally! 

Although many people have bought this just to demonstrate a sense of family pride, for many others, it's all about the slogan. But what exactly does it mean? Generally it alludes to all of those strange habits, traits and idiosyncracies that are often passed down from generation to generation and we simply attribute to being something your Ma or Pa did, hence you do too. Maybe you're a serial cutlery cleaner in restaurants, regardless of the quality of the establishment (my Grandmother always did it and now I do too...). Are you one of those people who mops up the gravy from your Sunday Roast with a slice of bread? Maybe you tie your shoelaces in a certain [some would say unorthodox] way.. but it works for you! Are you someone who strips down to your underwear as soon as you get in from the office, claiming it to be more comfortable? Perhaps you whistle all of the time without even realising it, drum on your desk while in deep thought or have a specific strategic method to make a brew - and nothing else will do!!! Is your bizarre nuance that you stick your tongue out when concentrating or chew your drink before swallowing? And regardless of what anyone else says, your Granddad is absolutely adamant that he can watch the television and read the newspaper simultaneously, which is why he keeps a firm hold on the remote.

Whatever the kooky quirk that's unique to your clan or clan member, what's certain is that this design has caught the public imagination. It's a top-seller and clearly many of us have someone in the family who's muttered these words of wisdom at one time or other. It's the saying that pretty much applies to someone in every family - your Granddad, Mum, Aunt or even the crazy Uncle that everybody talks about - up and down the country, all around the world, and it's gone viral in a clothing sense since we printed our first clothing item back in 2007.

Whether as a cheeky anniversary gift for your wife, a comical present for a birthday, to commemorate a birth in the family, to showcase your pride in your family's name - or even as a vital prop in a mass family reunion - we know our design has brought big smiles and laughs a-plenty to those presented with their 'It's A Surname Thing - You Wouldn't Understand' garment. And we're sure it will have the same effect on you too!

And we are equally sure that you'll find what you're looking for! Why? Because although we have a lot of names listed on our site already, we can personalise with absolutely any name you wish - no matter how long. So regardless of whether you're buying a mug, a babygrow, a bib or a hoodie, please don't forget to include your name when placing your order, if it's not one listed. And if, like me, you can't get to grips with modern technology (P.I.C.N.I.C. - Problem In Chair Not In Computer), just pick up the phone or email us - our contact details can be found here.

We're only too happy to help!

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